Dodge Trailer #8: Time to Race


The video shows a Demon eager to race with a new harness bar installed for drag use. A brand new Launch Assist System is also in use which gives the Dodge the edge as it explodes from the starting line.

The Launch System technology is rather impressive as wheel sensors look for any signs of the tires slipping or sticking to the road, giving the driver one less thing to think about, as it automatically adjusts by maximising traction and reducing torque.

The racing capabilities of Dodge’s latest creation look to be the real deal; which is a surprise to many as it is also road legal. To make the ride a little safer, a new four point race harness bar has been made which can be installed easily after the backseats are removed.

It will be interesting to see whether any new information is released on the Dodge’s drag racing credentials. Stay tuned to get the latest on the all new Dodge Demon. 

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