Ford GT to have five different driving modes.


The upcoming Ford GT has more to excite fans of supercars with the new car offering five different driving modes.

The Ford GT boasts a 647 horsepower 3.5L V6 engine combined with a lightweight carbon-fibre body.

Ford have designed the car in what they define as a ‘teardrop shape’ in order to minimise drag and maximise downforce.

On top of this, the five modes alter all sorts, from throttle calibration to ride height. So what does each mode offer?

1) Normal – here the ground clearance is set at 120mm with the gearbox and configuration set for ‘standard driving’. This is for your day-to-day driving. There’s also a comfort option which affects rebound and compression.

2) Wet – this pretty much does what it says on the tin, helps you out when it’s wet. The sensitivity of the accelerator is adjusted to deal with the road condition and stability controls are also active.

3) Sport – the comfort button is deactivated with stability and traction control also backing off. This gives you three different settings to fiddle with in sport mode. Ultimately, you get more power, even if the clearance remains at 120mm.

4) Track – designed for tracks, the ride height falls 50mm. The rear wing engages automatically whilst the aero flaps at the front also close to maximise downforce. It’s designed for all that a race track can throw at you, giving you confidence when it comes to taking twists and turns at speed.

5) V-max – this mode is for your top speed. If you’ve got the guts to hit 216mph then this is your gateway. It sticks with the same ride height as the track mode and all aero elements are stowed to limit drag. Stability controls however are on. This is only accessible when the car is in park and cries out for a long straight patch to really show off the full inventory of the GT.

With all five modes offering a different level of firepower, it’ll suit most supercar enthusiasts. But if you really want the hairs on the back of your neck to stand to attention, ‘V-max’ may be what the adrenaline junkie has really been looking for.

Written by Tom Holden

Twitter: @tholden_97

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