Lamborghini: New Huracan performante set for debut

The Motor Show has car enthusiasts everywhere foaming at the mouth, as this news comes after it was confirmed that Ferrari’s F12 replacement is set to be debuted in Geneva too.

The new Lambo was previewed to a select group of potential clientele last week, with one Instagram user further hyping up the car ahead of its launch.

User ‘tge_ldnm’ wrote: “Huracan Performante preview was epic yesterday; Lamborghini have smashed it. ‘Raging technology’ indeed. Can’t confirm much as it’s all a big sexy secret for now, but the aero tech on this thing is very interesting, materials used are clever, & it will be FAST.”

The Huracan Performante is expected to have a 5.2 litre V10 engine and has already recorded an impressive lap time around the famous Nurnburgring, with talk that it could be as fast as Porsche’s 918 Spyder.

More to be announced in Geneva.

Written by Chris Remington.

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