McLaren 720S: Full Details

The new car, replacing the 650S, will ‘redefine expectations of supercar excellence’, according to McLaren. It has the same basic recipe as the old car, with an all-carbonfibre tub and a twin turbocharged V8 in the middle. But the finer details of the car have been completely overhauled. The V8’s capacity has been increased to 4.0 litres and now produces 710bhp and 568lb ft. The carbonfibre tub has been further tweaked so the new car weighs just 1283kg, 18kg less than the 650S.

The engine drives as before through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, but McLaren says it has smoother gearchanges at low speeds and faster, sharper shifts at higher speeds. The launch control has also been improved, and there are Comfort, Sport and Track driving modes.

Performance wise, the 720S can do 0-62mph in a blistering 2.8 seconds, 0-124mph in 7.8 seconds and has a top speed of 212mph. Despite the car’s impressive figures, McLaren say it can be handled by any driver, not just those with experience of supercars.

Inside, the car has similarities with the old 650S but there is a new 8-inch infotainment screen angled towards the driver. McLaren say the aim is to make the car as comfortable and usable as possible – it expects a good number of its customers to use the 720S as a daily driver.

The base price of the 720S is £207,900, but McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has released a special Velocity model to demonstrate the huge amount of personalisation available to customers. The Velocity is mechanically identical to the 720S but costs an eye-watering £125,000 more than the standard car. Despite this, McLaren estimate that 20% of its customers will choose the MSO kit.

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