Multiplication: Dodge’s Latest Trailer Released

Dodge’s newest model is set to be their most powerful car yet, even surpassing the Hellcat, which has a little over 700hp. New tyres are to be used to support the sheer force of the vehicle, with custom 315/40 NITTO NT05R track tyres to be fitted offering a higher contact rate on the road when compared to the Hellcat.

The Demon dwarfs any of its predecessors in terms of power and has meant that the makers have had to make adjustments to elements such as the radials and torque converters to facilitate the huge force that this car will deliver.

The Demon was spotted earlier this week under wraps on the set of Rapper Pitbull’s new music video. The unmistakable logo of the Demon confirmed to fans that this was indeed a model of Dodge’s latest project.

Despite being on set, the car did not feature in the music video and is set for its highly anticipated debut in New York in April.

Written by Chris Remington.

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