Porsche tuner TechArt has release 720bhp Turbo S.

Few people have ever accused the 911 Turbo S convertible of lacking power.

Named the GT Street R, TechArt have taken the standard car’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat six and added an extra 140bhp. How they’ve done this remains a mystery, but we can guess a reprogrammed ECU and bigger turbos were involved.

The big power increase equates to a 0-62mph sprint in a neck-snapping 2.7 seconds, 0.2 seconds quicker than the standard car. But even more impressive is the 0-124mph time, which has been slashed to 8.4 seconds, one and a half seconds quicker than a standard Turbo S. The GT Street R tops out at 211mph, 6mph up on the car it’s based on.

Visually, TechArt have beefed up the bodywork by adding an active aero kit complete with a huge two-tier carbon rear wing to increase downforce, reduce lift, and improve cooling to the water and oil coolers.

Some panels have been replaced with carbonfibre to increase lightness and new 20inch forged alloys have been added, along with a louder exhaust system to shout about all that power.

The price for all these tweaks? We don’t know as yet, but it’s likely buyers will have to part with around an extra £30k on top of the £156,000 base price of the 911 Turbo S cabriolet. You will also invalidate Porsche’s warranty by adding the TechArt kit, but for 720bhp who cares about that, right?

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