Porsche unveil new Panamera four-door

Based on the recently facelifted saloon, the Sport Turismo adds 20 litres of boot space, and 50 extra litres with the seats folded down.

Porsche is also offering what it calls a 4+1 seat layout, where buyers can choose to have a central bench seat rather than two separate seats which are the only offering with the saloon. This would make the Sport Turismo the first Panamera to carry five people.

The new car shares the same engines as its saloon sibling, with the flagship model being the 550bhp Turbo. Diesel and hybrid versions are also available, with prices starting at £73k for the entry-level V6 and rising to £117k for the Turbo.

“The Panamera Sport Turismo is a step forwards into a new market segment, but it retains all of the values and attributes characteristic of Porsche,” says Michael Mauer, head of Porsche’s design operations.

The Sport Turismo will be officially revealed at the Geneva Motor Show from 8th March.

After the previous model’s looks divided opinion, Porsche seem to have found a way to sharpen the styling with the shooting-brake design of the Sport Turismo. Have Porsche finally, dare we say it, made a pretty Panamera?

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