Preparation & Aftercare

At Topcars we pride ourselves heavily in customer service and the way we prepare our vehicles. We hand pick every car at the first stage and our preparation and aftercare department go the extra miles on making sure your buying experience is second to none. Even after this we offer the following service to all Topcars clients...

All our vehicles come with the following...

Comprehensive Pre Delivery Inspection with all minor and major parts checked, as well as mechanical, electrical and bodywork.

All vehicles are supplied with a compressive and detailed service history (checked thoroughly by our in house buyers) and will be serviced in accordance with dealer standards before being sold if required.

New M.O.T provided regardless of already having one active, as we never sell any vehicles with any advisories. Most companies will not offer this service as they are happy to sell with advisors, but this could cost you in the near future i.e. tyres worn on outer edges, brakes discs lipped, slight play etc. These items are advised for a reason as they need replacing soon. However the Topcars team feel it's wrong to sell a vehicle today that will need parts replacing soon after purchase, thus ruining your buying experience.

Full detailed valeting on every vehicle with the option to have an upgraded paint and interior protection programme, using renowned products like Auto Glym. This option can be applied by one of our own fully insured experienced detailing team, giving you the option of protecting your investment for the future. Please feel free to ask our Preparation and Aftercare department for further information.

Also as piece of mind for all our clients we include an extensive HPI Check including an NMR (national mileage register check) which is completed on each and every vehicle which is supplied on collection or delivery. We check against, vehicle I.D, outstanding finance, theft, security watch, condition inspection, insurance write off vehicles, as well as private plates. Major issues can be still outstanding against numerous plates and this has caught out many clients in the past. We check every plate that has ever been on the vehicle in its lifetime, to make sure there is nothing hidden in the past.

If you need any further information in regards preparation or Aftercare, please feel free to contact our aftercare team.

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