Sale or return

Sale or Return

The Process

All we need is your car details so we can value your vehicle, and discuss the asking price. Agree a fixed fee on sale of the vehicle and finally either have your vehicle collected by our professional driving firm or deliver your vehicle to us. We would like to invite you over to the showroom to meet the staff, the showroom and also the paperwork. We would never agree on anyt prices or sell the vehicle without contacting you first. If at any point you wish to cancel the agreement and collect your car that incurs no cost.

We can also clear off the finance and pay you the remainder.

At Topcars of Sheffield we have over 15 years of buying AND selling experience in the motor trade and pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We have interested buyers visiting our platforms in the thousands and one of those could purchase your vehicle.

What do we do for the potential buyer?

Finance packages; Without a doubt these days the majority of people are buying cars using finance, this is where private sellers are struggling, clients would much rather come down to a showroom sit in an office and work through finance figures. 64% of people buy their cars on finance. We currently offer one of the lowest rates in car finance and it is one of our main sales points and the reason we have a high stock turn rate.

Finance also opens up your vehicle to that extra 64% of potential buyers which otherwise wouldn’t buy your car. Resulting in a quicker sale and more buyers for your vehicle.

Part Exchange; Very similar to finance more than 50% of buyers have a part exchange, especially the performance/prestige car buying demographic. If they actually turn up to your residency they may need to sell their existing vehicle to buy yours. This results in a lower percentage of sale and also a delay in the process which you cannot control. Roughly only 8% of buyers do not have a part exchange and do not want finance.

Warranty; Part of our package also includes a ‘Why buy new’ warranty package available to the potential buyer. Bespoke to Topcars of Sheffield we devised a product that covers all of the prestige components but also wear and tear. (full details on request)

Peace of Mind; For many people within this market it will be the biggest purchase only second to their home. You would not sell your house privately, you give it to the experts to get the most for your money whilst ensuring it’s a quick sale. SOR is no different, with over 15 years of experience, Topcars have sold many vehicles, none returned.

Parting ways with this kind of money means most people would not like to bank transfer substantial amounts of money, with no payment protection.

Value for Money; With the rough average of retail vehicles selling for more at dealers, we can get you the best money for your vehicle. We can price our vehicles this way as we are established, and offer the full package for our clients.

Although the above is what we offer the buyer. Just what do we offer you, the seller?

It’s clear to see why buyers like to purchase high end vehicles from a dealer. As clients want reassurance and someone to go back to if there is any future issues for peace of mind. We can cater to a higher percentage of people.

Freedom from viewings; No more early get ups for someone to no show, no more dreamers wanting to test drive your vehicle and more importantly no more buyers coming to your door. We take care of the above, and don’t allow anyone to test drive your pride and joy without a serious commitment to buying your vehicle.

Marketing package; Although your vehicle may be on Autotrader, we offer a full marketing package. This includes a professionally written advert highlighting the key specification buyers look for. Advertising across over 8 platforms to people that have the money to buy your vehicle. Social media presence, with a retargeting campaign we target individuals who are in the market for your type of vehicle.

Advertising Costs; We are already established and already have buyers in this market viewing our stock and website very frequently. Save your cash and let us spend money on advertising.

Safety & Convenience; Time wasters, fraudsters, no shows, inconvenient viewing times, days off of work, silly offers & complete strangers in your family home. These are just some of the complaints we hear from customers who have tried to sell privately. Let us take the weight off of your shoulders & spend your spare time doing things you want to do.

No sale, No fee; If we don't sell your car at the pre agreed price it can be collected at absolutely no cost. Furthermore it will be stored at our secure showroom throughout the process, covered under our extensive motor trade insurance policy. As well as insurance we also have a state of the art security system which, is monitored 24 hours a day with CCTV.

Speed of Sale; With all of the above in mind, the full package results in a quicker sale and also gaining more money than you would privately.

Nationwide Collection Service; We can arrange collection of your car from your home. Through a fully insured professional driving company (driven or transported). They will also carry out a full recorded appraisal on the vehicle and give you the paper work for your records. So there is no discrepency between when the vehicle leaves and when it arrives at the showroom for both parties.

If you want to get a FREE valuation on your prestige vehicle then please fill out the enquiry form below.

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