Spring Budget 2017: How does it fare for motorists?


For motorists, despite there being little affecting us, there was some positives in what was missing. There was no fuel duty increase, no changes to road tax and no official news of any scrappage scheme.

However in the written detail of the budget it does mention that the government will be investigating the use of ‘red diesel,’ mainly used in the construction industries.

This is a far cheaper diesel that is dyed the colour red and the investigation suggests there may be restrictions put in place, especially in urban areas.

Spending on the road network was announced, sticking with what was mentioned in last year’s Autumn Statement. This has committed to spending £90m in the North.

With £690m also being given to local councils for use in improving urban congestion, the total money to target the road network looks to be just over £1b.

Although there is a high chance that what is missing may feature later this year in the first Autumn Budget, as opposed to an Autumn Statement.

With the UK’s efforts against pollution falling far short of the targets, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if diesel drivers came off poorly in the autumn.

So whilst for now there isn’t much to worry about, it may not be something to sing and dance about just yet.


Written by Tom Holden

Twitter: @tholden_97

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