UNLEASHED: Dodge Demon Teaser Trailer #5

The video, titled: ‘Forced Induction’ takes a look at the inner workings of Dodge’s latest creation. The Demon is expected to outdo the Hellcat by making use of two ram-air catchers, with one on either side of the hood.

Speculation continues to grow ahead of the release of Dodge’s Demon, with the Dodge YouTube account, which has less than 100,000 subscribers, attracting over 3 million views to their released teaser videos.

Aspects such as the car’s body, engine and supply crate have already been covered, so it will be interesting to see what else is to be featured on these trailers, before the Dodge Demon is unleashed.

The next instalment of the teaser campaign will be released within the next three days. 


Written by Chris Remington.

Link in with Chris here: http://linkedin.com/in/chris-remington-a92094130.


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