WATCH: Dodge Teaser Number 9

‘Performance Pages’ is the name of the video, and you can check it out on Dodge’s YouTube page. The 9th edition focusses on the dashboard visuals with a new screen telling you everything about the car. From power to torque, to the coolant temperature.

All of these stats come into play to ensure the vehicle works seamlessly and, more importantly, breaks down just how unbelievably powerful the Demon will be.

The chain of videos released has surprised car enthusiasts week on week as Dodge keep on bumping up the excitement as the days go by.

It has showcased that not only will the Demon have the sheer power that is a staple in all of Dodge’s models, but it has a little more substance, taking into account control, balance and factors that are going to make it an asset on the roads.

Only five more videos are to be released, so keep your eyes peeled on Dodge’s YouTube channel for the latest videos and a few more surprises. 

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