WATCH: Dodge Teaser Trailer #7

The video looks at the suspension of the car, which is set to benefit its performance on a drag strip. The muscle car will come with features allowing a ‘drag strip mode’ to come into play; which is a first for Dodge.

The new mode will improve traction and allow for an explosive start, inevitably leaving every other car in a cloud of smoke.

More reliance will be placed on the car’s rear shock absorbers, as Dodge have scrapped sway bars that have featured in other models; this increasing compression in the shocks. As a result, you can expect to see better weight balance and in turn, better control of the car.

It is just over a month until the release of Dodge’s newest creation and expectations are high. An extra two videos have since been added to the teaser campaign, so keep your eyes peeled for what is yet to come.

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