WATCH: Latest Dodge Demon teaser trailer

The fourth chapter of Dodge’s teaser campaign for the all new Dodge Demon hit Youtube last week.

Dodge’s ‘Domestic Not Domesticated’ trailers have upped the ante on the release of the new drag strip car.

The latest trailer showcases the customisability that comes with the new Dodge. A special crate labelled ‘Demon’ on the video suggests that buyers will have the freedom to alter their car how they see fit. 

The kit will be made up of 18 parts, including spare wheels and tools aiding performance.

Previous movie-like videos have gathered millions of views already. With the first showing a fictitious armed forces squad escorting a creature in a cage before it is let free. This creature then turns into the trademark Demon which is run through all of the trailers.

Keep your eyes peeled for part #5 of the Demon teaser trailers at ‘Dodge’ on YouTube. 

Written by Chris Remington.

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