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Topcars Detail Studio Looking to detail your vehicle?

  • Why Choose
    Topcars Detailing Service?

    Topcars of Sheffield have over 20 years experience in preparing high end performance and supercars for our clients. As we own our showroom and prepare these vehicles to the highest showroom standard this has given us the knowledge and experience on how far a vehicle can be detailed in the safest manner. We have also worked with many products and machinery to make sure we get best the best results every time. So whether you're looking to detail your vehicle or need any further information call us today so we can offer you a free consultation to determine what you may require.

    Also our detailers are fully insured and accredited by numerous bodies with certifications in place. We have a purpose built state of the art detail studio with extensive lighting, lifts, air blowers and much more. The latest high end machine polishing equipment is in place to detail your vehicle to the very highest standard. CCTV is also in the detail areas and this is operational 24 hours a day for your peace of mind.

    Knowing the true condition and paintwork in depth is the first stage of any professional detail to determine the quality of your paintwork.  Your vehicle may have had paintwork previously that could be unknown to you and machine polishing could make this paintwork worse or even react if not cured correctly. We use a digital paint depth gauge which shows us the microns left in the paintwork from the depth when it left the factory. Over time the paintwork depths can drop due to many factors and also certain vehicles have a thicker layer of paint than others from new, this means you have to be more carful in certain areas or on paints. A free digital report is provided showing this information so we can all make the correct decisions before starting the whole process.

    • What detailing services do we offer for your vehicles?

      - Decontamination

      - Paint correction

      - Maintenance programme

      - Professional photography

      - Paint depth report

      - Ceramic coating

    • How can we restore your vehicle?

      - Alloy wheel refurbishment

      - Dent removal

      - Windscreen chips

      - Seat and interior repair

      - Paintwork arranged

      - Servicing and maintenance

    • How can we transport your vehicle?

      For your convenience and peace of mind, one of our experienced and fully insured drivers will happily collect and deliver your vehicle to your door. Alternatively, we can also provide a fully insured transporter service in one of our Enclosed Trailers. This is the best option if you don’t use your vehicle regularly as it will be fresh out of the detail studio and not affected by the weather or journey back to you. Perfect if your vehicle is in a garage or storage unit.

    Topcars Detailing Gallery

    To be able to provide the highest level of quality, all our cars are thoroughly handled in house by a crew of professional detailers.

    Preparation is key to any detail?

    Pre-detail wash prior to any stage or detail using PH neutral products (non-acidic)

    • Engine safe cleaned and vehicle sprayed with multipurpose cleaner to soak.
    • Jet wash the whole vehicle removing majority of dirt.
    • Wheels and arches sprayed with iron remover & wheel cleaner to remove brake dust and deep clean areas with multiple brushes.
    • Soak the vehicle with snow foam allowing it to dwell, brush in crevasses such as: Boot + Petrol Cap + Door Shuts + Window Surrounds + Exhaust Tips then rinse thoroughly.
    • Soak the vehicle again with snow foam and using 3 bucket method clean the vehicle then rinse thoroughly.
    • Using decontamination spray the whole paintwork allowing remaining contaminants to be removed then final rinse.
    • Blow dry as much as possible then with a soft microfibre towel remove the remaining water.

    How and why is paint correction carried out?

    Paint correction is a process that is used to remove minor and major defects like paint swirls, marring, certain bird lime and light scratches etc. This is carried out using different machine polishing tools for example a heavier rotary machine works different to the way a lighter DA machine operates, this would due to harsher actions that may be required. Also the products that are used will be just as important, as a less abrasive compound will not be taking away layers as a more heavy duty compound which would be needed to remove more heavier swirl marks and deep imperfection. We mix and match all these options so only tackle the areas with more of the heavier options as and when required rather the whole vehicle, to keep as much of the original paintwork as possible. See options and benefits below.

    • A light scratch remover and swirl removal process mainly used on vehicles up to 3 years old that have very light defects, which would require mainly a high level machine polish.

    • In addition to Stage 1, for vehicles over 3 years old we recommend a more intense detail using numerous machine polishing tools with stronger products. Overtime vehicles loose their colour enrichment and gloss due to older vehicles being exposed to different weather and driving conditions. 

    • This stage is for vehicles with heavy defects and deep scratches regardless of age, due to extreme driving conditions or frequent use. Normally vehicles that have been through hand car washes, experienced sun fade, bird lime or just have deeper scratches and swirls that cannot be taken out the conventional way. For this we recommend harsher machine polishing with coarse pads, including the use of dry sanding and the heaviest grade of compounds. We can do stage 1 and 2 detail programmes and use a stage 3 on specific areas of your vehicle if you do not require a full stage 3.
      Please ask for more information.


    *Please note prices will vary subject to vehicle size and complexity of the bodywork, which will be assessed after our 30 minute appraisal. This will determine which stage you require.

    What is paint protection and ceramic coating?

    Protecting your investment is most important to obtain the vehicles value in the future. Over the years we have had many vehicles pass through our showroom that have been ceramic coated a few years earlier and we really do see the difference on these vehicles. Ceramic coating gives protection to your paintwork with one of the best on the market being Matrix Black, lasting up to 8 years. This can only be applied by an accredited detailer once training is completed with their products. This will give you an 8 year warranty plan. The Ceramic coating is applied after a full decontamination process with the necessary stages of paint correction carried out prior. The chosen ceramic products can then be applied over the majority of the vehicle, leaving a high definition and enhanced look using the latest nano technology. See options and benefits below.

    • Matrix

      Ceramic coatings use the latest generation ceramic technology to deliver a complete solution to the appearance of every aspect of the vehicle.


      Designed using state of the art ceramic technology to provide a complete solution for your paintwork.


      Outstanding colour enrichment means that your car will always be the colour it was intended to be...

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      Outstanding colour enrichment means that your car will always be the colour it was intended to be - Makes colours richer and metallics 'pop'


      Matrix chemically bonds to the paint work, wheels and glass for long term results...

      Read More

      Matrix chemically bonds to the paintwork, wheels and glass for long term results. The coating will not melt, crack or wear off, making your car look newer for longer and ensuring that your investment is fully protected.


      The crystalline finish cures to a tough high-slip coating that resists marring and...

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      The crystalline finish cures to a tough high-slip coating that resists marring and micro scratches meaning higher levels of shine that last longer. Just like wrapping your car in glass.


      Outstanding water and dirt repellence gives beautiful beading making...

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      Outstanding water and dirt repellence gives beautiful beading making washing easier and ensuring your vehicle stays cleaner for longer.


      Advanced optics combine a highly light reflective crystalline finish with a deep wet look gloss giving...

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      Advanced optics combine a highly light reflective crystalline finish with a deep wet look gloss giving an unparalleled shine to your vehicle, making your car look better than new.

    • Sealant is used to preserve the vehicle lacquer and provide protection for a shorter term. Often will have to be reapplied to maintain this level of protection.

    • Our ceramic offers exceptional
      clarity, gloss and hydrophobicity, 
      the ceramic micro-coating fully 
      bonds to your paintwork and is 
      guaranteed not to crack or peel. 
      With a life expectancy up to 3 
      years, this is a ceramic coating 
      which suits people who change 
      their car every few years.

    • Keeps your vehicle looking
      gleaming and new for longer and
      requiring less maintenance, due to
      it's life expectancy of up to 8 years.
      The ceramic micro-coating fully
      bonds to your paintwork and is
      guaranteed not to crack or peel
      and offers the ultimate high
      definition - hence being our most
      popular product. Matrix ceramic
      coatings add value to your
      investment and help your motor to
      maintain it's value in the future.


    • The warranty covers vehicle paintwork from:

      Visible deterioration of the gloss finish on exterior paint.

      Noticeable color fade, oxidation or paint chalking caused by the exposure of the paint to elements.

    • Warranty period of Coverage

    Optional ceramic services:

    - Wheels – Faces £99

    - Wheels removed, deep cleaned and decontaminated, faces and barrels coated £199

    - All glass (windscreen not recommended) £99

    - Professional photography with 25 photos inside and out £49

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