Why Choose Us For Your Servicing And Maintenance?

1. Why Trust TOPCARS?

Established in 1999 with a vast knowledge of German and supercar marques, we are an authorised workshop for the majority of high-end main dealer brands to service and maintain your vehicle. We have been given authority to use their internal systems to give the correct requirements, being an independent authorised dealer workshop. We have also been given access to see technical data including full dealer information to repair your vehicle to manufacture specifications without compromising on service.

2. Not Getting What You Were Told to Correctly Service Your Vehicle?

For example giving you a lower price for a major service to draw you in and then only using half of the parts required to save on their margin. Hence you may pay less now but then end up with major faults on your vehicle in the future, for incorrect servicing.

 For example, a major service is carried out but not had certain parts replaced like drive, auxiliary belts as part of the service. This then leads to the sudden failure of other engine parts. Again this takes longer to research and carry out so workshops would rather get vehicles in and out to save on margins. This is not the Topcars way. 

For example, using a branded oil product such as  shell, Mobile 1 etc, how to be sure whether it is the right grade for your vehicle! which then leads to further issues such as warranty claims or performance issues later on down the line.

For example, a gearbox service due on a certain service, or certain mileage and age  not carried out would lead to transmission issues.

3. Don’t Devalue Your Car

The service history is one of the main selling points of any vehicle, which can make a huge difference between saving a little now to losing thousands or even a sale in the future. Also, to consider any buying dealers or private individuals will ask 90% of the time what and when  was carried out previously? 

4. Dealer-Level Diagnostic & Fully Trained Technicians

We never compromise on the level of service we can offer regardless of any job big or small. With a newly built state-of-the-art modern fully equipped workshop we offer high level of service facilities incorporated with our second-to-none customer service. 

We also have several independent diagnostics systems in place that allow us to go further compared to main dealers, that are only allowed to use the one system.

On top of this we can also offer acoustic testing to determine hard to find mechanical faults which cannot be found by just plugging in to a diagnostics. This method has saved clients thousands on repairs rather then chuck and replace method, that many dealers use. 

5. Saving on Cost but Not on Quality

We only use recommended dealer parts and oils to not invalidate warranties in place. Also, many workshops use inferior parts that are of lower quality and do not last as long, this can cause serious issues with other parts of your vehicle in the long run. Doing everything cost effectively with up to 30% off against main dealer prices on servicing, maintenance or repairs, will not sacrifice quality.

6. Cutting Corners 

Due to the many moving parts on your vehicle, they need to be maintained and serviced on time and correctly in line with manufacturing guidelines. Hence, when inexperienced service centres do not have the know-how, correct equipment, technical experience or data available, this can cause many of the moving parts to fail.

7. Our Ethos

Our main ethos is dealer level servicing with a competitive edge. We are true enthusiast and extremely passionate about what we do, hence we want to give your vehicle the service it deserves. Put your trust in us, secure your peace of mind, Protect your investment for the future.

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